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Early 1900s Vintage Indigo Japanese Boro Zanshi Sashiko Patchwork Fabric Wall Decor 160 x 109cm

This wonderful vintage boro fabric is made with various colors of indigo-dyed fabric and Zanshi woven vintage fabric patches.  It was previously used by peasants, artisans & farmers from the countryside of Japan roughly during the Taisho to Early Showa Period.   This one-of-a-kind art piece is full of character and will look elegant as a wall display.

FEATURE: Japanese Vintage Indigo Boro Fabric for Futon Cover, floor rug, wall display, or Home Decoration 

MATERIAL: 100% Cotton, natural indigo dye, Japanese Vintage Textile

CONDITION: used fabric, old, could have some fabric rip, loose threads, and holes.